Forte green stoop sale

The weather has finally gone from cold to hot here in the “The Big Apple” and it is time to enjoy the sunshine. The great thing about New York, Brooklyn in particular is there are many ways to earn yourself some extra money on the side or hustle full time. Usually on the weekend a lot of people go to the Brooklyn flea to find some vintage gold or just browse around and enjoy the good food and there is definitely plenty of inspiration all around. Knowing this we decided to post up shop a block away and get some of that traffic that’s in search of some good product for a great price and when joined forces unit anything’s possible. What a great day it was, there is nothing like hanging out seeing your friends and people you know get some sun all while making green backs. This was my first time and I have to say it was quite fun maybe because things were selling could have been a different tone if it were the opposite but that’s the advantage of having a good eye and taste for product people are willing to dig in there pockets and pay for.┬áSo enjoy the visuals of that beautiful day and for more street photos click Enjoy.

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